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An online course teaching agencies how to map out their systems and processes as well as report and analyze their lead, client, project, and lead generation data.

Running an agency isn't all rainbows and unicorns.

Hi, I'm Noah, and I've been running a website agency since 2002.

Often I've struggled with having enough sales, managing cash flow, and feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day.

In fact, I've had to hit pause on my agency more than once to go get "a regular job" so I could feed my family.

There were times where I was working 16 hour days for weeks on end. It put a massive strain on my family, I had zero social life, and the awkward fact was - it didn’t feel like I was making much money anyway.

Running a business is hard!


sad agency owner

Not my actual coaches

I realized being a lone wolf wasn't working

In early 2018 I really started to turn around my agency with the help of some amazing coaches, masterminds, and courses. It took  me being coachable and taking massive action to take my agency to the next level.

I'm indebted to Troy Dean, Nick Gulic, Clifford Almeida, Kristina Romero, and Simon Kelly to name a few. Outstanding humans and training, truly.

It felt great resolving many of my mindset issues and leveling up my agency's lead generation, sales, staff, systems and processes.

But something was still missing

However, once I scaled beyond 20 clients and talked to 10+ leads a month my systems I used to keep me organized started to fall apart. I realized my framework for how to track my leads and clients wasn't cutting it.

That made me look deeper at how I organized my data, and I realized I had to rethink everything.

Ironically, being organized in my personal life has always been one of my strengths... it's just that my agency had scaled too fast. I blame my coaches... they were just too good!

New problems started to emerge and I had questions I couldn't answer.

I realized that I didn't have a firm grasp on what was (and wasn't) working for my agency. I was relying on my gut half the time.

Dozens of key questions emerged that I ended up documenting with the 50 questions every agency should be able to answer.

If my agency was going to survive (and scale) I needed to create a better system.

And this time... I had to do it myself.

So I bought a dog and gave him glasses

So I solved my own problem

Looking around the agency ecosystem I also didn't see anyone teaching the distinctions of organization, managing a sales pipeline, and answering these hard questions.

Since organization & creating systems has always been in my sweet spot I rolled up my sleeves and focused on building my DREAM tracking system.

Organization is my super power and it was time to get to work.

So I put down every single question I could possibly have about my leads, my clients, and my profit, and worked out a system to give me that information easily.

It needed to be easy to use, lightning fast, and provide real business insights. It could not just be data for data sake.

When I first got version 1 built out, it was an eye opening experience.

I uncovered missed opportunities, discovered which clients were draining my resources for little return, calculated the real profit on the supposedly “big money” projects, and saw which parts of my sales process were broken.

That was back in 2019.

Since then, I’ve spent improving both my tracking systems AND my business.

I uncovered dozens and dozens of actionable business decisions just by tracking and extracting gold from my own data.

Now, I’m really happy to say things are a lot better. I’m closing more deals than I’ve ever closed before, I’m making way more profit, and best of all - I am not working ANYWHERE near as much as I used to.


Who's a good boy?

agency x-ray

Can you turn down this puppy?

Agency X-Ray is Born

One thing I get a lot of people asking about, is the system itself. I have to stress, it isn’t just about having a customized CRM or a Project Management tool.

That's childs play.

You could take the same system I have for myself, but without understanding how you use it and why you use it, you won’t end up integrating it effectively.

So, I figured I’d put together a course about this. As part of the course, I’ll run you through the three main parts of my system:

  1. Sales Pipeline Management
  2. Client Organization
  3. Analysis & Reporting

At the end of the course, you’ll end up with a tailor-made system for your agency.

You'll be able to answer the hard questions and make better business decisions.

And, as a bonus, I’ll give the exact template I have developed over the last two years for my agency... calculations and all.

The Agency X-Ray course including the template is $200.

Payment is available via PayPal or credit card.

Snack on one of my freebies

airtable 101 logo

Airtable is at the center of how I run my agency.

While it isn't required to learn the distinctions of Agency X-Ray, it's an amazing tool.

However, it can be a bit much for those that dislike seeing data in rows and columns..

I've put together a short micro course to teach agency owners how to started.

I bet you'll be inspired at the possibilities!

Organize the overall tasks for your agency so you offload some of them to an assistant. Act more like a CEO and offload all that grimy stuff to an assistant!

Learn the basic 12 fields every agency should track for new leads. What we don't measure, we cannot analyze. This is a teaser of my full system.

Organize software subscriptions so that you maximize usage of your tools. Cry over LTDs that are collecting dust or rejoice in hidden gems you forgot about.

What is Agency X-Ray?

Agency X-Ray is a comprehensive course teaching agency owners how to best manage their leads, organize client details, and make better data-driven decisions for their business.

It includes a CRM template that you'll customize.

3 main benefits of Agency X-Ray

1. Systemize your sales process to close more deals

2. Organize client details to provide better services

3. Analyze your data to make better decisions

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About me.

I've owned a website agency since 2002.

My team handles all design, development, and client-facing work while I manage lead generation, sales, and business development.

In fact, I haven't personally built a website since 2015.

Focusing on the business has allowed me to fine-tune my sales process and answer the big questions for my agency.

Agency X-Ray is the culmination of that focus.

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